Through a process of rigorous experimentation and perfection, we craft our various types of Copenhagen Distillery Gin to be exceptionally unique and pleasantly surprising to the palate. We alway challenge the conventions of how gins are more commonly crafted, by introducing new – or removing extraneous – ingredients in our distillation process. We want all of our gins to have a subtle mystery to them, where the flavors are balanced to perfection, but not alway instantly recognizable.

Oak Gin

Borrowing from the process used to develop single malt whiskey, we rest our Oak Gin in small sherry oak casks to allow the combination of juniper, orange peel, and pepper to develop a unique, smooth and balanced flavor. 

Dry Gin

Our Copenhagen Dry Gin is a 100% honey spirit made from double distilled mead. It belongs to a very exclusive category of Single Botanical Gins, where juniper is the only botanical used. The taste palette is garnished with a truly unique and lingering note from Propolis.

Orange Gin

Inspired by the classic, early 20th-century orange gin. Instead of mimicking the gin of the past, we built on the tradition by using a mix of both sweet and bitter oranges. Combined with sweet prune, spicy long pepper, cardamom and juniper for a rich body, our Orange Gin is a unique spin on a classic spirit.