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Indonesian Long Pepper Snaps

Our Indonesian Long Pepper Snaps is a fusion of the familiar and the exotic. As far as we know, this is the first time that anyone has used Indonesian Long Pepper spice in a spirit. It holds a powerful sweetness, sharp citrus tang and a spicy lingering aftertaste. 

It can be enjoyed straight, traditionally with a meal, or as a base for a startlingly unique cocktail experience.

Black Taffel Aquavit

Our Black Taffel Aquavit is flavoured exclusively with caraway. The deep earthy notes come from the sugar beet spirit, which is made from fresh sugar beet juice from Lolland. Citrus and eucalyptus can also be found in the profile, which result from the slow distillation of the caraway.

It works great with tonic and a sprig of mint or a slice of cucumber. Alternatively, try using lemonade and lots of ice. 

Dill Anise Aquavit

Our Dill Anise Aquavit is an invigorating twist on this classic Scandinavian spirit. With dill as the primary flavour driver, complemented by notes of green anise and lemon peel, our Aquavit has a sharp citrus tang with a lingering aftertaste that is spicy and distinct.

Enjoy it neat for both lunch and dinner. It compliments all kinds of seafood, especially.