Our Copenhagen Distillery Snaps are born from a desire to add new twists and dimensions to a highly regarded and tradition Scandinavian spirit. We have experimented with the introduction of botanicals not commonly found within this category – and from this experimentation, we often discover new and interesting ways of experiencing the taste that comes from the bottle.

Indonesian Long Pepper

Our Indonesian Long Pepper Snaps is a fusion of the familiar and the exotic. It holds a powerful sweetness, sharp citrus tang and a spicy lingering aftertaste. It can be enjoyed straight, traditionally with a meal, or as a base for a startlingly unique cocktail experience.

Dill Anise Aquavit

Our Dill Anise Aquavit is an invigorating twist on this classic Scandinavian spirit. With dill as the primary flavor driver, complemented by notes of green anise and lemon peel, our Aquavit has a sharp citrus tang with a lingering aftertaste that is spicy and distinct.


A smooth and highly complex Snaps with all the aromas you associate with Christmas. A fine taste of oranges with tones of sweet prunes and cardamom.